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The Bravery Bonnet (Limited Edition)

The Bravery Bonnet (Limited Edition)

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The Bravery Bonnet


Bravery will never truly be defined, just effortlessly attempted. The Bravery Bonnet is a heartfelt dedication to those who have battled or know someone battling Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer can be a very silent disease, but your awareness and support for a cure shouldn’t be. Bold, straightforward, and powerful this design showcases the future healing and blessings for all impacted. Awareness is the best form of advocating for others. Continue growing with our Purrty Community, add this to your collection today!



Double Layered Satin 

Elastic Band



Adult Regular

Extra Large


Adult Regular Bonnet

Width: 12 inches

Length: 9 inches





Tie - Double Layered Satin Spandex (stretchy)

Bonnet - Double Layered Satin (Inside & Outside)


Styles & Sizes

Adult Regular Bonnet - 14 Inches Wide


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