“Colorful” Purrty Bonnet
“Colorful” Purrty Bonnet

“Colorful” Purrty Bonnet

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Adult Sizes

Regular Purrty Bonnet

Our “Colorful” Purrty Bonnet is a hair care essential. Intended for all hair types, this bonnet is double satin infused, providing the ultimate protection for extreme moisture, and maintaining hair volume. Wild sleeper? No problem, large in size, our Purrty Bonnet stays snug and secure, protecting your gorgeous mane as long as you see fit. Satisfy your gorgeous mane, and stay Purrty while doing so. The Purrty Bonnet is fashionable and reversible. Safeguard your crown Queens.

Width: 12 inches

Length: 9 inches


Extra Large Purrty Bonnet

We’re large and in charge! Our Extra Large Purrty Bonnet gives full and complete coverage for those with more mane to tame. Perfect for protective styles (Braids, Locs, Frontals, ETC), this simple, comfortable, safe and double satin layered bonnet is a must have. If you’ve ever had an issue keeping those beautiful inches and curls tamper proof, we are proud to offer the solution. Be EXTRA Purrty today!

Width: 15

Length: 15


Double layered satin bonnet with elastic band.


Wash Instructions

Machine Washable 

Hand Wash Recommended