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Peace, Power, Purpose and Prayer, Raven Steward, Owner and CEO of Purrty Dimples LLC, keeps those 4 P’s at the forefront of her life daily. Most known for her relatable and thought provoking Instagram Lives, Raven has captured the hearts of thousands with her unique, yet blunt,heartfelt perspective.

Born as raised in New Orleans, LA (Carrollton Area), Raven developed her charismatic personality in the Food and Beverage industry. Her roles as Hostess and Server for various establishments fulfilled her, and created an overwhelming tact for superior Customer Service.

With an already humble spirit, she became a favorite to many repeat Customers, and Restaurant Owners. They couldn’t get enough of that contagious smile, bubbly personality and eye catching dimples deeper than the ocean.

Her dreams were big and she diligently worked on her skills in hopes of owning her own business one day. After graduating College in 2017, Raven knew her dream of becoming a Business Owner were so close.

She carefully curated what is now all things Purrty! What is Purrty you ask? A spin on the word “Pretty”, Purrty is being God fearing, living a life without limits, and exuding a confidence you manifest and control. Raven quietly worked on her branded T-Shirt line, while serving as the Director of Customer Service for The Crayon Case Cosmetics.

One of Raven’s favorite pastimes is a great glass of wine and great conversation. “Hang and Sip” a line dedicated to her fellow wine connoisseurs, took off instantly. The support was astounding.

Many Customers loved Raven’s unapologetic demeanor. Raven is a natural hair Queen, and completely embraces it. “Wash & Go Heaux” a line dedicated to natural hair gurus came about after receiving compliments on her beautiful hair and maintenance techniques.

Remaining a Student of Business, Raven quickly discovered her Customer base wanted more from her. Capitalizing on her marketing skills, she quickly identified a need to be filled within the hair community. Purrty Bonnets was born and the results of her research, and hard work paid off tremendously. Purrty Bonnets has become a household name. With distinctive and adorable designs the hair care essential line is for your entire family. Her Bonnet products have such range and variety.

As she continues to grow, she consistently finds ways to honor herself and her commitment to God. She not only encourages and uplift others, but she supports small Business Owners, especially locally in New

To all of our supporters, thank you so much for your business. You are much appreciated. God Bless.

- Raven Steward, CEO

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