Purrty “Activities” Bonnet
Purrty “Activities” Bonnet
Purrty “Activities” Bonnet

Purrty “Activities” Bonnet

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Girls are can be Purrty also! Our Girls Purrty Bonnet is the perfect solution to protecting your babies beautiful hair do’s. Intended to be safe, secure, and comfortable, the Girls Purrty Bonnet is satin based, large in size, providing the final touch to styles you’ve worked hard to obtain. Tired of touching up in the morning? The Purrty Kids Bonnet will put an end to that tedious task.

Small Kids Bonnet (1 years old & up)

  • Elastic - 8 1/2 inches (wide)
  • Length to Elastic - 7 inches (long)
  • Top of Bonnet - 11 inches (wide)

Large Kids Bonnet (adult sized)

  • Elastic - 9 1/2 inches (wide)
  • Length to Elastic - 8 1/2 inches (long)
  • Top of Bonnet - 12 1/2 inches (wide)


Double layered satin bonnet with elastic band.


Wash Instructions

Machine Washable 

Hand Wash Recommended